Protected Species Mitigation

Our ecologists can deliver innovative and cost-effective species mitigation strategies and enhancements for any project, of any size

SWTC are experts in species mitigation and enhancements, having informed strategies across a broad spectrum of projects, from bats to water voles. Through our project experience, SWTC have implemented a range of species enhancements, from reptile hibernacula and badger sett creation, to bespoke temporary bat roosts and tree veteranisation. We’ve assisted clients with pre-construction mitigation implementation such as reptile and newt fence installation, and delivered long-term audited mitigation infrastructure to ensure continued efficacy and legislative compliance.

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Fences and Exclusions

  • Badger sett exclusion
  • Hard exclusion fencing
  • Soft exclusion fencing
  • Stock fencing

Artificial Habitat Creation

  • Bat boxes/houses
  • Dormouse boxes
  • Bird boxes
  • Badger sett creation
  • Hibernacula
Hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius), Kent, UK. Members of Kent Mammal Group conduct monthly  Hazel Ryan checks dormouse nest box. dormouse survey. Model released.

Case Studies

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