Environmental consultancy and management services to achieve integrated land use

A forward-thinking environmental consultancy delivering a new generation of ecological and science-driven land management services and nature-based solutions

SWTC's specialists and consultants successfully provide the whole spectrum of professional, high-integrity ecological and land management services and advice across a diverse client base in Somerset and beyond, including a wide range of different surveys and assessments, and long-term management planning and advice.

Statutory requirements for developments and human activity to mitigate for nature and biodiversity loss such as Biodiversity Net Gain, and the rise in voluntary green markets such as Carbon, means that ecological services now are not just a standalone service, but are the cornerstone on which organisations are able to deliver more impactful and environmentally sustainable projects.

So whether it is a small-scale ecological survey, landscape-scale land management plan or carbon project, we have the trained and licensed staff that can deliver — all in one place. Talk to us today to see how we can provide a bespoke solution for you tomorrow.

Why choose SWTC?

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Integrated environmental services powered by over 60 years of knowledge

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Licensed team of qualified and experienced specialists

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Expertise which promotes sustainable development and ecosystem services

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Guidance to manage the risk and realise the economic value of land

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Advice and practical support to achieve biodiversity gain

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A diverse range of solutions-oriented, cost-effective ecological services

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With a diverse skills set, SWTC are able to service a broad customer base, which extends across the public and private sectors. Projects range from minor habitat management tasks to national development projects.

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Cost-effective ecological expertise to help you deliver fully compliant, sustainable projects on time

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Arboricultural guidance to manage risk and elevate the value and benefit of tree and woodland assets and stock

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Land Advice

Land advice to uplift the biodiversity and economic value of your land

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Land Management

Enhancing land and habitats from survey to solution

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"We really enjoy working with the team. They’re down to earth, focussed on results and cost-effective, helping us deliver efficiently and to deadline which, when you’re working across lots of projects, is priceless."

"The sector we work in is highly regulated and complex, so having an experienced team with all the necessary professional licenses is key, as is the skill to deliver the correct paperwork and documentation for consents and permissions. They’ve never let us down."

"We’re always amazed at the huge knowledge that the team have – not just in their own specialisms, but in wider areas of environmental planning and development. They have been able to advise us beyond a particular job and get us thinking about other ways we can make our projects more sustainable."

"They are a passionate bunch, hugely energetic, with a can-do attitude, and always a pleasure to deal with."

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