Reptiles and Amphibians

Support for development and conservation schemes

We pride ourselves on taking a pragmatic approach to identify the most suitable and cost-effective strategy for the management of reptiles on sites to minimise the risk of any illegal activity, provide all the necessary documentation for planning applications and to discharge conditions and/or responsibilities.

We provide a full and complete service which includes sensitive habitat clearance, trapping and translocation, and the creation of receptor habitats — though we have excellent links with landowners and can often translocate locally. You can find out more about our artificial habitat creation here.

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Reptile Services

  • Reptile surveys (presence/absence and population estimates)
  • Habitat clearance
  • Trapping and translocation

Great Crested Newts

SWTC has a number of licensed in-house surveyors so we are able to provide all the relevant information and documentation required for planning applications and to meet legal requirements when it comes to dealing with great crested newts. We are practiced in the use of the District Level Licensing system and have worked on a number of mitigation licence projects.

Great Crested Newt Services

  • Surveys
  • Preliminary great crested newt surveys / Habitat Suitability Assessments (H.S.I’s)
  • eDNA analysis
  • District level licences
  • Great crested newt mitigation licences
  • Great crested newt trapping and translocation
  • Sensitive habitat clearance
  • Habitat creation
Great crested newt

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