Support for development and conservation schemes

The SWTC team undertake two types of bat work; firstly that which enables clients to successfully carry out planned works such as extensions, conversations, demolitions, new builds, maintenance works – from small scale to complex, multi-phase projects – from start to finish. With unparalleled knowledge of the location of local roosts and designated sites across the county, we also help monitor significant roosts to ensure that they are protected and provide specifications (e.g. bat house designs) for conservation projects.

Our bat specialists having the highest levels of licencing accreditation which means less delays for our clients and their projects. They are completely up to speed with the latest guidance changes and requirements, meaning councils and local authorities get all the information they require expect up front and there are no delays due to additional information requests.

The team use standard and bespoke-specialist survey techniques, including the use of the latest night-vision aid equipment and detectors, to collect accurate and reliable data which is interpreted by our licensed bat ecologists to inform project objectives. Where impacts are anticipated, a strategy is prepared to achieve necessary consents based on known local planning and statutory authority requirements.

Image of a Brown Long-Eared Bat climbing from under a roof tile

Bat Services

  • Surveys and monitoring
    • Preliminary bat (and bird) assessments
    • Bat dropping DNA analysis
    • Bat roost survey — dusk emergence/pre-dawn re-entry surveys
    • Automated bat detector surveys
    • Bat activity surveys
    • Aerial inspection surveys
    • Hibernation surveys
  • Bat non-licensable method statement / Precautionary Working Method Statements (PWMS) / Construction Ecological Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Bat lighting scheme reviews
  • Bat mitigation licences
  • Bat mitigation

Case Studies

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