Support for development and conservation schemes

With a long track record of successful badger exclusions on a variety of different types of sites, and fully licensed staff, SWTC are able to deliver a complete service, from comprehensive survey to exclusion to complete artificial sett construction in advance of any exclusions required. We help clients exclude badgers from setts where they are causing damage to property, where they might be undermining buildings or causing a nuisance to amenity areas/playgrounds. We also support badger exclusions when they are going to be impacted by development or other land use change and provide support to Councils to help determine planning applications.


Badger Services

  • Surveys and monitoring
    • Preliminary badger assessments
    • Badger activity surveys
    • Badger bait marking surveys
    • Badger walk-over surveys
  • Badger non-licensable method statements / Precautionary Working Method Statements (PWMS) / Construction Ecological Management Plan (CEMP)
  • Badger mitigation licences
  • Badger sett exclusions

Case Studies

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